Cirque Éloize ✯✯✯✯✯

I was invited to a behind the scene, up close and personal workshop with 5 members of the cast of Cirque Éloize’s iD and I had one of the most memorable days of my life at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Self we's with select cast members of Cirque Éloize’s iD.

We were greeted by Thibault Philippe who was the longest cast member we had the chance to meet. Little did I know that later in the day he would be using me as a understudy.

Our blogger workshop introduced us to moves on the trampoline, a tour backstage and a chance to try and learn how to juggle like the pros. We got to see the cast perform moves on their own and were at liberty to take photos and videos of them in action, something that is not allowed when watching the show.

Created in 2009, Cirque Éloize’s iD is a blend of circus arts and urban dance: breakdance and hip-hop. The scene is set in the heart of a city, in a public space where people seek refuge and a chance to shed their anonymity; a place where identity is forged and individuality is expressed to a stimulating soundtrack created by composers Jean-Phi Goncalves (Beast) and Alex McMahon.

The company has integrating multimedia for the first time in its 8th original creation, giving this show a unique feel. Fifteen performers from 13 disciplines help create iD’s entertaining and resolutely urban universe, in keeping with Cirque Éloize’s tradition of using multidisciplinary performers from around the world.

Playing 6 days a week at Foxwoods Resort Casino until August 30th. Cirque Éloize’s iD is a must see, a not to miss, greater than ever imagined performance of a lifetime! I would highly recommend getting down to Foxwoods to see this show.

Special thanks to Foxwoods Resort Casino for inviting us to this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity. An extra special thank you for dinner and the opportunity to see the show later that night.

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